Our Calendar

Public Session = Open to the Public                  Private Session = Booked Private Session

Public Session Ticket

The lake is gorgeous and available for you to use to swim your dog on the days we are open. 

The lake is open year round but once the temperatures reach around 70 degrees in the winter we will make a judgement call whether to open or not. It gets colder at the lake than at our homes because the wind whips over the lake. Also if the weather looks bad as it often does in the summer we will make a judgement call an hour before we are set to open as to whether we will open or not. If we decide to close we will change the calendar for that day to show that we will be closed due to weather. We will also post on our Facebook page that we won’t be open that day.

Does Your Pup Love The Lake?

We now offer entry passes that can also be used as gift certificates. 

Once purchased you will be given a downloadable QR code that can be scanned at the facility.  One scan per dog.  If you intent to use the dock, please make sure you choose that option.  If you have one dog who uses the dock, and one who doesn’t, it would be wise to purchase both kinds of passes.